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  • Corporate tax

    Private equity

    IC Avocats assists sellers, investment funds and management teams in LBO/OBO and venture capital operations.

    IC Avocats also supports young entrepreneurs in the seed and development phases.

    Our practice includes in particular:

    • Structuring of LBO/MBO/OBO operations
    • Structuring of contribution-sale operations to a personal holding company
    • Analysis of the tax deductibility of net financial charges
    • Management package (founder warrants, free share allocation plan, stock-option plan, etc.)

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    IC Avocats assists French and international companies in the context of external growth, divestment, and/or restructuring operations.

    Our practice includes in particular:

    • The acquisition or divestment audit procedure
    • The tax and accounting structuring of contribution and merger operations
    • The tax structuring of spin-off operations
    • Dissolution without liquidation 
    • Ruling request regarding tax losses transfer.

    Employee share-ownership plan

    IC Avocats assists French companies in the implementation of stock option plans, founder warrants, free share allocation plan, etc.) or company savings plans, for the benefit of managers and executives.

    Executive Compensation

    IC Avocats supports executives and high-profile individuals, private investors, and executives of companies under LBO in the structuring and optimization of their compensation and investment tools.

    Our practice includes in particular:

    • Structuring of executive compensation (compensation for corporate officers, salary, management fees, dividends, etc.)
    • International mobility (split payroll)
    • Impatriation regime
    • Structuring of personal holding companies for executives.